Above rates are based on advance booking and not immediate pickup at the airport. All immediate pickups may be subject to higher rates. ‚ÄčPlease note online rates may be different from rates given by our Client Service Associates.

Why us?

When you are traveling and need to get to the airport, or be picked up, your pickup or drop off is time sensitive. If you need to get to the airport and the driver does not pick you up at the time you requested you may miss your flight. Have you ever contacted a transportation company and got that sinking feeling they may not show, or if they do, it may not be on time? Airport Transportation Group eliminates any need to worry about if we will arrive at your location at the time you requested to get you to the airport. We are the #1 Savannah Airport ground transportation resource and our providers specialize in delivering superior service to our clients. Our drivers are professionals and you can expect nothing less than professionalism from them. They will arrive on time, help you with your baggage, and even open the door for you. When you arrive at the airport they will again open the door for you, take your baggage out of the trunk, and place it conveniently on the curb.

When you arrive at your destination or airport you want the same level of service. You don't want to stand there and be treated like a number or get a driver that may be having a bad day. When you make your reservations with Airport Transportation Group we keep track of the status of your flight, and are there to pick you up on time. We will get you to your destination safely and promptly, everytime. Therefore, don't take chances, please call or email the driving professionals at Airport Transportation Group TODAY.