Car Seat Rental Costs

‚ÄčCost- Round-trip booking (in addition to the fare)- 
$30.00 (only $15 each way) per car seat. Maximun of two seats per booking (subject to availability)

Cost- One-way booking (in addition to the fare)- 
$20.00 per car seat.  Maximum of two seats per booking (subject to availability)

* When booking input in "Special Instructions" Front or Rear facing car seat and the number of seats needed (max two). You will be invoiced separately via email or by a Client Service Associate. 

Client Liability

When a client rents a car seat from a provider he or she is responsible for the car seat being in the same condition as it was when the client first received the car seat. If a client's child soils the seat (bodily excretion of any kind) or in anyway making it unusable the client immediately agrees to indemnify the provider thru the driver for the replacement cost of the child seat in the amount of $125.00. The client may also be responsible for the clean-up cost of $150.00 to the vehicle's seat per city/state ordinance, if any excretion comes in contact with the vehicle's seat. If the client fails to immediately pay the cost $125.00 (car seat), or $150.00 (vehicle seat clean up) or both totaling $275.00 collections and/or legal action may be taken against the client.

Airport Transportation Group's providers offer toddler (front facing) and baby (rear facing) car seats for the convenience of our clients while they are travelling. The use of their car seats and the appropriateness of each car seat is determined by each client and not by the provider. Please be advised due to insurance requirements clients are responsible for the installation of the seat they rent from their provider. The following is a description of the seats providers offer: 

Features: 2 In 1 Car Seat, Adjustable Straps, Front & Rear Facing, Side-Impact Protection
Measurements: 19.5 Depth/Inches, 19.5 Width/Inches
Front Facing Weight: Up To 50 Pounds
Maximum Weight Limit: 50 Lbs
Rear Facing Weight: 4-50 Pounds
Weight (lb.): 11 Lb
Base Material: 100% Polypropylene
Care: Wipe Clean
Country of Origin: Made in US

Below may not be pics of actual car seats we have..

Car Seats Available For Your Convenience