Above rates are based on advance booking and not immediate pickup at the airport. All immediate pickups may be subject to higher rates. ‚ÄčPlease note online rates may be different from rates given by our Client Service Associates.

The Below Reservation Form Is For Inter & Intra State Rides Originating From/To/In S.C & Georgia That Exceed 60 Miles ONLY.

Do you hate flying or cannot fly for whatever reason? Did you know you can enjoy a long distance ride (60 plus miles) to your destination for about the same price as what an airline ticket would cost? You can now avoid those long TSA lines, long layovers, having to get to the airport at a certain time, baggage fees, being close to other passengers and sitting for hours without enough leg room.

We are Airport Transportation Group and we specialize in long distance rides (60 plus miles). Our long distance transfer service offers our clients the safest way to get to their destination whether that is one hundred, three hundred miles away or more. Our drivers are all professionally licensed, we offer newer vehicles for your comfort and to accommodate any variety or amount of luggage. It doesn't matter if you have a suitcase and your golf clubs our sedans, minivans, SUVs etc. get you there in style, fully refreshed and ready to hit the ground running. You will also be able to rest easy knowing our vehicles are also fully and always commercially insured, unlike some other services.

Our company caters to long distance riders with unparalleled service whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. We provide an easy booking process with same day pickup in minutes, depending on your location. Just complete and submit the below Reservation Form and we will get back to you in just minutes with a fare tailored just for you. However, for even faster service, get a quote and book your long distance ride with us via
 email or by calling us at 912-289-5791 or 843-732-9050.

Long Distance Rides -60 Miles PLUS ONLY