Above rates are based on advance booking and not immediate pickup at the airport. All immediate pickups may be subject to higher rates. Please note online rates may be different from rates given by our Client Service Associates.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

1) What states does Airport Transportation Group serve? 

Answer- Airport Transportation Group serves all of Georgia, SC and Florida. We will also take a client outside or pickup outside these areas, if needed.

2) When a reservation is made when is payment required?

Answer- Much like booking an airline ticket payment is required at time of booking. The only time payment may not be processed at time of booking is if a client has a credit card on file. 

3) Does Airport Transportation Group accept cash when booking a reservation?

Answer- We may only accept cash as gratuity to your driver when a After Hour Surcharge does not apply. AHS applies typically when being Picked up between 9:00pm - 6:00am.

4) Are there locations where Airport Transportation Group will not pickup? 

Answer- We pickup from ninety eight percent of all locations we consider to be verifiably safe for drivers.

5) What are Airport Transportation Group 's service hours?

Answer- Airport Transportation Group is open 24/7. However, that does not mean drivers or a particular vehicle type is always available. We usually experience strong demand and encourage everyone to book in advance to ensure availability.

6) What are the ways to make a reservation with Airport Transportation Group?

Answer- You may E-mail us with all relevant booking information, book online on our website, or if it's a pickup to an airport you may book via website messenger (bottom right) at www.airporttransportationgroup.com 7:00am - 10:00pm seven days a week.

7) Are there any credit cards Airport Transportation Group does accept?

Answer- We accept ALL major credit cards including Google-Pay, Cash App Card, and Afterpay to pay now and repay Afterpay in flexible installments.

8) Does Airport Transportation Group provide local service?

Answer- Airport Transportation Group does not provide local service. We only provide airport transfers, Amtrak service, Greyhound Bus Station continuation service and long distance rides for our corporate and non-corporate clients.

9) Do you provide non-medical transportation?

Answer- We can provide non-medical transportation to or from any medical facility with sufficient notice in S.C, GA or beyond.

10) Do you go to the Jacksonville, Charleston, Charlotte, MCO (Orlando International), Golden Isle Airport in Brunswick, Hartsfield-Atlanta International Airport etc?

Answer- Yes to all of the above.

11) Do you provide child/infant, baby seats?

Answer- We do, with advance notice.