Rewards Program....Help Us And We Will Reward You!!

The Airport Transportation Group Rewards Program is designed to reward those who use our providers services. Our firm like any service business needs to let the public become aware of the safe, professional and reliable service our group of premium service providers offer. As someone who has used our providers services we desperately need your help. When you make and complete a reservation we ask that you take a moment out of your busy schedule and write a quick and brief review (should take less than five minutes) about your experience with our providers. This can be conveniently done from your smartphone or desktop computer no more than seven days from the day you were dropped off at your destination (aka completed reservation date) by your driver.

A) Just click on the following: 

or : 

then write your review and post it to GOOGLE.

B) You may also click the YELP icon at the TOP of this page (smartphone) or the following:

to post a review for YELP. However, and this is very important, if posting a Yelp review you MUST be an established Yelp reviewer if not post your review on GOOGLE).

After you post your review email Client Services at and include the following:

1) Complete name of the person that made the reservation?

2) Date the reservation was completed (the passenger was dropped at their destination)?

3) Date the review was posted, where (Google) or (Yelp-established posters ONLY) and name of the poster?

4) The last four digits of the credit card that was used to pay for the reservation?

5) The date the credit or debit card was charged?

6) Name of the credit card/debit card holder or payee?

7) Your email address?

After we receive and verify the above information we will immediately reverse (one time only) fifteen percent of the gross fare (not to include any driver gratuity) back to your card. That is right, as a thank you we will credit you back 15% (maximum $40) of the gross fare you paid. Obviously, you cannot pay your fare in cash to participate in this Rewards Program UNLESS you complete and post your review (Client Services must verify its posting and acceptability) BEFORE you complete your reservation (are dropped off at your destination).

Our entire Client Service Team thanks you in advance for your reviews. We cannot express how much your participation in this Rewards Program means to our providers.