If you don't want to be just another face in the crowd and have more important things to worry about than finding parking, getting picked up on time and how you are going to get home when your flight arrives late contact us for information on becoming a Platinum Member. Please complete and submit the following brief questionnaire and we will respond to you shortly.

Airport Transportation Group Platinum Member Program

As anyone that travels in and out of the Savannah (SAV), Hilton Head Island Airport (HHH), Charleston or Jacksonville Airports knows getting to and from these airports can be challenging. If your flight will arrive after 11:00pm, 12:01am, or you need to get to any of these airports for that early morning 5:00am flight it can be a challenge.

We can all agree that air travel is not what it once was. When you fly, especially if you fly frequently, you are faced with the possibility that your flight may not leave on time or arrive on time. If you have a connecting flight getting to your connecting airport is nothing less than critical. Your flight that should have arrived at 5:00pm is now scheduled to arrive at 10:46pm. These are just some of the many things that can go wrong and are completely beyond your control.

Airport Transportation Group is the leading airport transportation provider resource in Georgia and South Carolina. We are a well reviewed provider resource that offers superior Savannah, Jacksonville, Charleston, or Hilton Head Island Airport transfer service to the business traveler. Our Platinum Member Program provides the frequent business traveler one less thing to worry about when getting to and from the Savannah, Jacksonville, Charleston, or Hilton Head Island Airports. As a Platinum Member you are always at the head of the line because you are given priority booking. If you reside on Hilton Head, Bluffton etc. and need to be picked up at 3:30am for that first Delta flight or your flight is delayed and will now arrive at 1:00am our driver will be there for you. We track all flights so you can simply focus on arriving relaxed and safe. Like the thousands of other clients we serve you can depend on our punctuality and all around professionalism. 

*Platinum members must travel a minimum of 200 miles per month or 3000 miles annually using our service