1) Our drivers are all professionally licensed. They ALL possess a chauffeur endorsed professional drivers license.

2) ALL drivers have been fingerprinted and Federally background checked. This is the most extensive background check available.

3) All of our drivers hold City Permits that are obtained only after successfully passing a city administered exam that tests knowledge on how to get around WITHOUT GPS.

4) Our fleet of vehicles are ALL commercially insured one hundred percent of the time and regardless of the city or state you are traveling to or from.

5) Our entire fleet is inspected every ninety days. You can be assured we will get you to your destination comfortably and safely.

6) We also have an extensive modern fleet of everything from sedans to minivans with lots of space to accommodate your travel needs.

​7) Did you know that our drivers have an average of over ten years of commercial driving experience? That's correct, very few companies can say that.

​8) Did you know we run the Motor Vehicle Diving history and accident history of our drivers annually? That's correct, if a driver does not have a clean record they do not work for us.

​9) All drivers complete a Defensive Driving Course every three years. Again, very few companies require this.

A Few Things You Should Know About Our Drivers And Vehicles